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  1. What are TCM granules?
  • By definition, a granule is a small compact particle of a substance, made from powders/extracts, that are formed by binding concentrated liquid of decocted herbs to liquid, like sugar. Physically, they feel like “sand”. So, TCM granules are Chinese herbal medicines that are turned into granule substances that has the “sand” feeling to it. Granules are normally used with either TCM powders or extracts. TCM granules has been one of the very common methods of TCM practices in the west for a long time. In normal practices, TCM formula are mixed together to create the prescription. In special cases, adding an additional single herbal ingredient/extract are also included depending on the patient’s symptoms. This well-known practice of combining regular base formulas with other singular ingredient extracts has been a very distinctive feature among the TCM medicinal world.


  1. What is the difference between TCM granules and TCM raw herbs?
  • Physically, TCM granules and TCM raw herbs comes in different forms. While granules are created like “sand”, raw herbs come in a plant form. Another difference is that granules can be mixed with different formulas and additional herbal extracts, but raw herbs are just a single ingredient themselves. Some patients would prefer to have their prescription in granulate form so it’s easier to drink since it dissolves quicker in hot water. Others may prefer their TCM raw herbs so they can taste the herbs. Compare to raw herbal, granules have the advantages of minimum heavy-metal, lower intake volume, more consistency in quality, and convenient storage. However, even though the granules are more digestible, regular raw herbs are tasted more than granules, meaning that patient’s compliance in taking their prescription may be lower.


  1. How do you use TCM granules?
  • Each TCM granules are dispensed in a bottle with a small spoon that can scoop about 2-3 grams per serving. Per instructed by your doctor, scoop the required dosage number of herbs into a cup and measure the herbs needed to be taken daily. Then, add 2/3 cup of hot water to help dissolve the granules. Lastly, let the drink cool for a few minutes before its ready to drink. For taste preferences, add water or sugar to help adjust to your own taste preference. When finished, make sure the bottles are placed directly away from the sun, usually placed in a dry or cool area.



  1. How are custom formulas made?
  • All custom formulas begin with the proper number of herbs needed depending on the patient’s symptoms. First, Practitioners determine the amount of dosage each herb is needed to create the custom formula. Measurements are usually taken in grams, or other weight measurements units like Qian. Second, the doctors determine the percentage of each herb needed into making the formula, calculated as dividing each herb’s weight by the total weight of the formula. Third, Practitioners determine the dosage required daily. This factor depends on the patient’s symptoms, which affects how often the herbs needs to be taken. Lastly, doctors will determine how much herbal extract is needed from each herb to mix into the formula. This process is calculated by multiplying the percentage of the herb by the total usage amount prescribed by the doctor.


  • Custom formulas are determined by the number of herbs needed depending on the patient’s symptoms.



  1. What is your private label process?
  • With our private label processing service, you can use your own formula or our formula. Our on-site practitioners could help you on the development of formula as well. Upon confirming on the formula, our marketing team can work with you on creating a unique label design that will stand out in front of your patients and within the community. Once you approve the label design, our production team uses state-of-the-art equipment and the finest quality ingredients to produce your product. Our QA team will work every step of the way to ensure your products are tested and compliant with FDA regulations.



  1. What is your herbal pharmacy service?  
  • We support our Practitioners, Doctors, Acupuncturist, and pharmacists by providing them high-quality, all-natural Chinese herbal products for their patients. This allows the medical professionals to allocated more time being with the patient without having to worry about getting the prescriptions. With our herbal pharmacy service, we offer free drop-shipping services that is more convenient and more flexibility. With our herbal pharmacy service, medical professionals have minimum overhead and stock costs. All with a click of a button on our website!


  1. Restricted herbs in US: The following list of Chinese herbs have restricted usage in the U.S:
  • Ban Mao
  • Bing Lang
  • Chan Su
  • Da Fu Pi
  • Ji Neij in
  • Ma Qian Zi
  • Ying Su Ke
  • Can Sha
  • Wu Ling Zhi
  • Ye Ming Sha
  • Zi He Che
  • Guang Fang Ji
  • Guan Mu Tong
  • Caulis
  • Ma Dou Ling
  • Qing Mu Xiang
  • Xi Xin
  • Ma Huang
  • Ma Huang Gen