Zhen Zhu Mu

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Name: Pearl Shell (珍珠母)

Pinyin: Zhen Zhu Mu

Pharm. Name: Concha Margaritifera Usta




Sweet, Salty

Heart, Liver



This herb is similar to Shi Jue Ming in pacifying the liver, subduing yang, and clearing liver heat, but its action is weaker than that of Shi Jue Ming. It is good at calming the heart and inducing tranquilization to enter the heart meridian. So, it is mutually reinforced by Shi Jue Ming. For liver yang hyperactivity due to liver-kidney yin deficiency with such symptoms as dizziness and dizzy vision, it is usually combined with liver-yang-pacifying herbs. Also, with actions of clearing liver fire and nourishing liver yin, it is the key herb to treat eye disease. For blood-shot eyes and nebula, due to liver heat, it is often combined with liver-clearing, vision-improving, and nebula-removing herbs. In addition, it is smashed into a fine powder and externally indicated for sores, pruritus, and for its action of drying dampness and healing wounds.


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