Shi Jue Ming

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Name: Abalone Shell (石決明)

Pinyin: Shi Jue Ming

Pharm. Name: Concha Haliotidis







Pacify liver and subdue yang, clear liver heat, and improve vision.

Kidney, Liver




This herb is good for patients with Syndrome of liver yang hyperactivity. It is good at pacifying the liver, subduing yang, clearing liver heat, and also nourishing liver yin, so it is the key herb for pacifying the liver and cooling the liver. For liver yang hyperactivity due to liver-kidney yin deficiency and failure of yin restraining yang with such symptoms as dizziness, it is combined with liver-pacifying herbs, such as Sheng Di Huang, Bai Shao, and Mu Li, etc. With actions of clearing liver fire and nourishing liver yin to remove nebula and improve vision, it is the key herb to treat eye diseases for both excess and deficiency syndromes. For blood-shot eyes with swelling and pain due to the up-flaming of liver fire, it is often combined with liver-clearing and vision-improving herbs.


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