Shan Dou Gen

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Name: Sophora Root (山豆根)

Pinyin: Shan Dou Gen

Pharm. Name: Subprostrate Sophora Root






Slightly Toxic

Clear heat and remove toxicity, alleviate sore throat, and relieve swelling.

Lung, Large Intestine, Heart




With the much stronger properties of bitter cold, it excels in clearing heat and removing toxicity to further alleviate sore throat and relieve swelling and pain. Being regarded as an essential herb for treating heat-toxicity accumulation, and swollen and sore throat, it can be used singly as a gargle or in decoction, or slow swallowed with vinegar. With the actions of clearing heat and removing toxicity, relieving swelling, and dissipating nodulation, it is also indicated for syndrome of excessive heat-toxicity manifested as swollen and painful gum, hemorrhoid with swollen pain, sores and abscess, and venomous insect stings.


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