Sha Shen (Nan)

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Name: Adenophora Root (南沙參)

Pinyin: Sha Shen (Nan)

Pharm. Name: Radix Adenophorae






Slightly Bitter, Sweet

Nourish yin of lung and stomach, clear heat of lung and stomach, tonify qi of spleen and lung, and dispel phlegm.

Lung, Stomach




It is indicated for dry cough with little phlegm, blood in phlegm, dryness in throat, and hoarseness due to lung yin deficiency with dryness-heat in lung too because it can nourish lung yin, moisten dryness in lung and clear lung heat. Though it is weaker than Bei Sha Shen from the aspect of moistening dryness in the lung and clearing lung heat, it can disperse phlegm and tonify lung qi, and it is very indicated for chronic cough due to yin deficiency with dryness in the lung, sticky phlegm, and difficulty in spitting, and both qi and yin deficiency. It is indicated for dryness in mouth and throat, dry stool or constipation, red tongue with little fluid, hunger without appetite, retching, and other symptoms due to stomach yin deficiency with heat because it can nourish stomach yin, produce fluid to check thirst, and clear stomach heat.


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