San Leng

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Name: Sparganium Rhizome(三棱)

Pinyin: San Leng

Pharm. Name: Rhizoma Scirpi






Acrid, Sweet

Promote digestion and relieve distension, direct qi downward, and resolve phlegm.

Lung, Spleen, Stomach




It is pungent in flavor and has the actions of promoting digestion and dissipating food stagnation, moving qi, and relieving distension. For gastric and abdominal distension or pain caused by food retention and qi stagnation, it is usually combined with qi-moving and digestion-promoting herbs. It can not only promote digestion and dissipate food stagnation but also direct qi downward and resolve phlegm. For cough and dyspnea with profuse sputum, oppression in the chest with food stagnation, it is usually combined with antitussive and antasthmatic herbs.


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*All granules can be made into capsules. All capsules are sold in pairs of 2 (Two bottle increment).