Ru Xiang

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Name: Frankincense (乳香)

Pinyin: Ru Xiang

Pharm. Name: Resina Olibani; Olibanum






Acrid, Bitter Aromatic

Activate blood, move qi, and alleviate pain, resolve swelling, and promote tissue regeneration.





This herb can disperse and dredge qi and blood of Zang and Fu organs internally, penetrate and reach meridians and collaterals externally serving as a miraculous herb with actions of activating blood and alleviating pain. So it is indicated for all kinds of syndromes of qi stagnation and blood stasis such as chest pain, hypochondric pain, heart and abdomen pain, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, wind-damp arthralgia, and mass. This herb not only activates blood and alleviates pain but also resolves and dispels carbuncle and swelling, promotes tissue regeneration and heals wound. It is used both internally and externally as a key herb in the department of traumatology. It is commonly indicated for traumatic injuries, swollen and pain due to stasis, the beginning stage of sore, abscess, carbuncle, and swelling manifested by red, swollen, hot sensation and pain, ulcerated sore and abscess but not healed for a long rime and so on.


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*All granules can be made into capsules. All capsules are sold in pairs of 2 (Two bottle increment).