Qiang Huo

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Name: Notopterygium Root (羌活)

Pinyin: Qiang Huo

Pharm. Name: Notopterygii, Rhizoma seu Radix






Acrid, Bitter, Aromatic

Release exterior and disperse cold, expel wind-damp and alleviate pain.

Bladder, Kidney




The dry rhizome and root of perennial herbaceous plant Notopterygium incisum. This herb has strong actions of releasing exterior and dispersing cold, expelling wind-damp as well as alleviating pain. It is indicated for the cases with more severe syndrome of external wind-cold contraction with concurrent dampness, which is manifested as an aversion to cold and fever, absence of sweat, headache, painful and stiff nape, aching pain of body and limbs. Being pungent and warm with the strong actions of expelling wind-damp and alleviating pain, it is also used for wind-cold-damp arthralgia manifested as body and limb pain.


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