Qian Shi

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Name: Euryale Seed (芡實)

Pinyin: Qian Shi

Pharm. Name: Semen Euryales






Astringent, Sweet

Tonify kidney and secure essence; tonify spleen to check diarrhea, dry dampness, and stop leukorrhea.

Kidney, Spleen, Stomach




The ripe seeds of the annual plant Euryale Ferox Salisb. It can tonify the kidney to secure essence. For seminal emission and spermatorrhea, soreness and limpness of knees and lumbar due to insecurity of kidney qi, it is combined with Jin Ying Zi for mutual reinforcement of astringency, such as in the formula Shui Lu Er Xian Dan from Ren Chun Tang Jing Yan Fang. It can also both tonify spleen and dry dampness, and astringe intestine to check diarrhea. Furthermore, it is a good herb for leukorrhea due to spleen deficiency or kidney deficiency, because it can tonify spleen, kidney, astringe, and dry dampness and the latter is not the action of Lian Zi.


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