Niu Bang Zi

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Name: Burdock Seed (牛蒡子)

Pinyin: Niu Bang Zi

Pharm. Name: Fructus Arctii





Slightly Sweet

Disperse wind-heat, clear the toxic heat, relieve sore throat, promote eruption.

Lung, Stomach



Ripe fruit of biennial herbaceous plant Arctium lappa. Niu Bang Zi has the action of dispersing inferior to some herbs, such as Bo He, Jing Jie, but it is good at clearing the throat. So it is usually used to treat the wind-heat exterior syndrome manifested as swollen and painful throat or coughing with phlegm. This herb also clears toxic heat without congealing, apart from treating warm diseases at the defense system, it also has the good effects of clearing the throat and subduing inflammation. The indications of this herb are heat toxin syndromes such as swollen and painful throat, ulcer and carbuncle, mumps.


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