Mu Xiang

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Name: Costus Root (木香)

Pinyin: Mu Xiang

Pharm. Name: Radix Saussureae






Acrid, Bitter, Salty

Move qi and alleviate pain.

Large Intestine
San Jiao Lung




Mu Xiang (Aucklandia lappa Decne.) is grown in Yunnan, Guangxi provinces in China, India, and Burma. It is good at promoting the flow of spleen-stomach qi and alleviating pain, so it is the essential herb for gastric and abdominal distending pain. For spleen and stomach qi stagnation syndrome manifested as gastric and abdominal distending pain, it is usually combined with the qi-moving and middle-energizer regulating herbs. It is also good for promoting the flow of large intestine qi and indicated for the difficulty in defecation and tenesmus. For qi stagnation of large intestine due to damp-heat retention manifested as diarrhea and dysentery with tenesmus, it is combined with Huang Lian for clearing heat, drying dampness and stopping dysentery such as Xiang Lian Wan from Bing Bu Shou Ji Fang (Collection of the Military Affairs Minister's Effective Prescriptions). Furthermore, it helps in curing Liver and gallbladder qi stagnation syndrome.


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