Jin Yin Hua

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Name: Honeysuckle Flower (金銀花)

Pinyin: Jin Yin Hua

Pharm. Name: Flos Lonicerae 






Sweet, Astringent

Clear heat and remove toxicity, disperse wind-heat, clear summer-heat.

Large Intestine

6-20g (Smaller doses for Wind-Heat, Larger doses for Heat toxin, Sores and Abscess) 60g (Maximum for Severe Cases)



This herb has the ability to clear heat and relieve epidemic toxicity for any stage of warm diseases. For initial warm disease marked by pathogen staying in defense system, it can disperse wind-heat so as to exteriorly expel pathogens out from lung and defense system. Because of the actions of clearing heat and removing toxicity, it can also take effects of curing abscess, relieving sore throat and checking dysentery. It is regarded as the essential herb for treating sores and abscess due to heat-toxicity and swollen and sore throat because it is scarcely harmful to stomach though it's cold in nature. It can also be used in checking diarrhea and dysentery due to heat-toxicity. In addition, the Jin Yin Hua Lu made by means of distillation can dispel summer-heat, and is mainly indicated for polydipsia due to summer-heat; it can also be used with He Ye, Xi Gua Cui Yi and Bian Dou Hua, as in Qing Luo Yin from Wen Re Jing Wei.


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*All granules can be made into capsules. All capsules are sold in pairs of 2 (Two bottle increment).