Guan Zhong

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Name: Dryopteris Root (貫眾)

Pinyin: Guan Zhong

Pharm. Name: Rhizoma Dryopteris






Bitter, Serrt Fragrant

Clear heat and remove toxicity, cool blood and stopping bleeding.

Liver, Stomach, Spleen




The rhizome with leafstalk of Dryopteris Crassirhizoma Nakai of family Dryopteridaceae. It can clear excess heat in qi system and remove heat-toxicity in blood system as well. All syndromes of common cold due to wind-heat or epidemic toxicity can be treated or prevented with this herb. For common cold due to wind-heat or warm disease in stage of pathogen stays in qi system, it should be combined with wind-heat-dispersing herbs such as Niu Bang Zi and Jin Yin Hua so as to expel pathogen outwards. For hematemesis, it is combined with Ce Bai Ye and Xue Yu Tan, as in Guan Zhong Tang from Wan Bing Hui Chun (Rejuvenation of Thousands of Diseases). For sudden heavy hematemesis and hemoptysis, it is combined with Huang Lian, as in Guan Zhong San from Sheng Ji Zong Lu (Complete Record of Holy Benevolence). For dysentery and hemorrhoidal hemorrhage, it is combined with She Xiang, as in Jing Xiao San from Pu Ji Fang ( Universal Aid Prescription). For severe nasal epistaxis, it is used singly in Ben Cao Tu Jing


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