Fu Zi (Zhi)

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Name: Aconite Root (Prepared) (制附子)

Pinyin: Fu Zi (Zhi)

Pharm. Name: Radix Aconiti Praeparata







Restore yang from collapse, reinforce fire and strengthen yang, dispel cold to alleviate pain.

Heart, Kidney, Spleen




It has the actions of strengthening heart yang to relieve palpitation, invigorating kidney yang to restore the depleted yang, so it is called "the number one for restoring yang from collapse". For yang exhaustion syndrome caused by excessive yin manifested as over sweating, over vomiting, diarrhea, clammy perspiration, clammy limbs and indistinct and faint pulse, it is usually combined with the yang-restoring and meridians-unblocking herbs. It is good at treating cold arthralgia because of the strong actions of dispelling wind, warming cold and eliminating dampness to unblock meridians and stop pain. It is usually combined with the meridians-warming and collaterals-unblocking, spleen-invigorating and damp-drying herbs.


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