Di Yu

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Name: Bloodwort Root (地榆)

Pinyin: Di Yu

Pharm. Name: Radix Sanguisorbae






Bitter, Sour

Cool blood to stop bleeding, relieve toxicity, and heal wounds.

Large Intestine




The root of perennial herb “Sanguisorba Officinalis”. This herb is cold and bitter, entering the blood system. Thus, it can cool blood to stop bleeding. In addition, being sour and astringent it is indicated for different kinds of bleeding caused by blood heat. And its descending and lowering property makes it suitable for bleeding of the lower energizer. For hematochezia due to exuberant heat, it is usually combined with other heat-clearing and blood-cooling hemostatic. Being bitter and cold with actions of purging fire and relieving toxicities, sour and astringent with the action of a healing wound is a key herb in treating Empyrosis. Because it not only clears heat and cools blood but relieves toxicity and eliminates swelling, it is indicated for sores, abscess, and carbuncle before and after pus is formed.


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