Bei Mu (Zhe)

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Name: Thunberg Fritillary Bulb (貝母)

Pinyin: Bei Mu (Zhe)

Pharm. Name: Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii






Slightly Bitter

Clear and resolve heat-phlegm, moisten and resolve dry-phlegm

Lung, Heart

3-10g, 1-2g (Powder)



This herb is bitter in flavor and lightly cold in nature. It can clear lungs, purge heat and resolve phlegm. Furthermore, it can moisten and resolve dry-phlegm in the terms of its sweet flavor. It can also stop coughs from happening. So, it is indicated for the syndrome of heat-phlegm and dry-phlegm, especially for long-term cough due to internal injury and dryness of the lungs.


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*All granules can be made into capsules. All capsules are sold in pairs of 2 (Two bottle increment).