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Help recovery with an herbal detox

Did you know that recovering from a long-term wrong diet or trying to lose weight can be aided with supplements? You already know that the right vitamin and herbs can help you feel better, but Dr. Kris Yang has developed an herbal detox to help with weight loss, changing a bad diet, even some substance abuse! It's a full body detoxification process that will result in blood, tissue cleansing as well as eliminating environmental toxins, cellular metabolic waste or toxemia from drug usage. Once you begin the detoxification, you need to change your diet to eat more healthy foods, continue with an exercise program and drink more water. Our herbal detox is a great addition to the things you're already working on, but you also need to make changes in your diet to get the full effects.

Add to your health with vitamin and herbs

Relying solely on a "cure-all" pill to lose weight or change your diet will not give you the results you want. If your diet relies heavily on potato chips, sweets or other high-carbohydrate foods changing those daily habits are the only way to see long term, great results. That means paying attention to the foods and beverages you put into your body daily, exercising more as well as adding a supplement with the right mix of vitamin and herbs. A great choice is our Dieter's Daily Nutritional Support (BE74). This supplement supplies the right amount of vitamins and minerals so that your body can dispose of those unwanted pounds! Keep up with your exercise, eat right, add a supplement to help stay on track. You'll be glad you did!

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