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Feel whole with Chinese medicinal herbs

If you are looking for a product that uses all of a plant you've come to the right place. Chinese medicinal herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat illnesses and keep bodies working as they should. Chinese herbology uses ingredients from all parts of plants and sometimes also utilizes ingredients from animals and minerals as well. Flower to root, our organic tincture includes the right amount of nutrients to help improve eyesight, allow your organs to work properly and even assist with weight loss. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but sometimes the old remedies work best! Dr. Kris Yang uses both Eastern and Western herbal products in the nutritional supplements and remedies. It's the best of both worlds!

Speed recovery with organic tincture

When you are recovering from a cold or trying to break bad habits every bit of help you can get is worth it. can help you recover more quickly with organic tincture created for specific problems. For better liver and cardiovascular function try the Coenzyme Q10 Plus 8. This mix of antioxidants is great for the immune system and anti-aging. If you need more energy throughout the day, consider4 Balance and Energy for Women to improve stamina and balance hormone production. Want to improve eyesight? The Eyesight Tonic can protect your eyes from a variety of threats with its mixture of nutrients and antioxidants. From traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to modern uses such as lowering stress and providing better digestion, we have the nutritional health supplements you've been looking for!

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